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At 2B Plumbing, we are experienced professionals who provide complete solutions for all your plumbing needs.

Emergencies Happen. 

We Respond Quickly.




We know the last thing you want to see is an old pipe burst, a flooded basement, leaky water heater, or compromised water line, which is why we offer complete plumbing services that can be scheduled right away.


Plumbing problems are no match for our crew, and can be addressed immediately, so you and your family are not subjected to a daunting — and let’s face it — less than desirable situation longer than you have to be. 



Brightly Lit Kitchen
Kitchen Sink
Sink Faucet

Avoid Problems with Routine Maintenance

Our professional plumbers understand that plumbing repairs are not part of a glamorous home maintenance strategy. But planning ahead can help save headaches later. 


If you would like to stay ahead of any potential plumbing issues, so that hot water, pipe health, and common pitfalls are all addressed regularly and proactively, talk to our plumbers about your immediate and long-term concerns. 

We can provide quick answers or suggestions in person or over the phone, even when you just want to know how often you should replace your sump pump (answer: every four to six years). 

2B Plumbing offers customized services that allow your overall plumbing needs to be addressed quickly or during regularly scheduled appointments. 

We like being the people you call when things are going right, too. Our experience and proven track record for providing customized solutions set us apart from our competitors.


We are pleased to offer affordable solutions for adding or updating plumbing in your home, office, or outdoor space allowing you to expand your vision and turn any area into functioning space. 

Repairs, Service & Prevention

  • Drain Installation & Repair

  • Frozen Pipe Repair

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Gas Piping

  • Accessibility Plumbing

  • Leak Detection & Repairs

  • Plumbing Repairs

  • Pressure Tanks

  • Re-Piping

  • Sewage Pumps

  • Showers

  • Sinks, Faucets & Fixtures

  • Sump Pump Repairs & Installation, including Battery Backup Sump Pumps and Water Backup Sump Pumps

  • Toilets

  • Tank Alarms

  • Water Conservation

  • Water Filtration and Softening/Conditioning Installation & Service

  • Water Heater Servicing and Replacement for Gas, Electric & Tank-less Models

  • Water Line Inspections and Repairs, including Sinks & Ice Makers


Whether it is a one-time need to fix a broken pipe or skilled advice on how to expand your kitchen’s plumbing to suit your long-term needs, we are here to deliver solutions.


To learn how we can effectively and affordably help you turn your plumbing projects into completed tasks, call Derick today at (317) 452-5508 to schedule an appointment that fits directly into your busy calendar.

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We never charge a trip fee and our estimates are completely free.

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